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February 25, 2011


 Frankly, I didn't even know why this lately, my Fonno Pinko seems to received a lot of junk messages, either from Celcom, 63388, n etc. WTF is goin on wif my Pinko? as I aware I didn't describe any mobile content! It's ok when you got only 2-3 messages, but how 'bout when you received 9-10 messages per 2 days???????? WTF !!!!!

  1 of them sounds like this:
RM0.00 Plgn dihargai, no anda 6019+++++++ tlh dipilih. Enjoy SMS Mobile Content Baru! Taip ON BR ke 33163 & trm hadiah percuma!
  Obviously it's not a legal mobile content messages from any provider, so the action is to ignore all thiz kinda text, but still, IT IS SUPER ANNOYING !!!!! 
Kalau pakcik-pakcik boleh la kamu kaut duit free daripada mesej-mesej annoying camni, but if it wuz me, u r SHIT !!


  One more, recently my fb receives a lot of inbox messages, frankly speak, there must be something wrong when eventually my inbox going full. I'm not contradicting with what I'm tellin' u by now ( and I know you must be receivin' the same inbox recently ! ) , but it is clear that thiz iz 1 more chain letter !

  Bukan nak cakap apa, tapi kalau tak baca surat-surat 'nasihat berantai' macam ni pun, kita dah tahu apa yang sedang berlaku, it's jz nak ke tak nak je. Last words, DON'T LAYAN ALL THIS KIND OF SURAT BERANTAI OR WHATEVER !!!


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