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June 24, 2011


New sem, new life. Some called it semester, while some other used to call it part. Semester, Part, it's equal.
At certainty, I think it's nice to use Part, seems more urban, while semester sounds more to traditional, and all kind of citizens are using it as well though. So using part is uniquely different.

To be honest, I ain't sure what I'm gonna babbling, ain't got no things to say. One of my blog-pal recommended me to jot down anything bout everyday's thing that happen to be useful for all readers. It's not an easy command. I'm total no good at speech-writing.

So, talking bout everyday, today is the most 'action-pakced' day of all. 8 to 6 straight hours would be no compromise. Like it or not we have to go thru. It's decided, compulsory and left you no choice at all.

To let you know something, straight brain work will be so gooood, as it pays well enough when we optimize the abilities. But beware, once we overburden her, it would be not so promising. Brain was there for thinking, not to be burdened. Sorry to say guys, brains aren't sold anywhere at hypermarket, and if it is, the price would be so sky-torning ( if any ). But the reality is no, it is irreplaceable.

Ah, another story to tell, before I fade it away. About 9 and half Thursday morning, me and my peers were joining breakfast at Aked. So to say, me and my other pals were in same class, while 1 more member split unto another class, as we finished early, it should for us to wait him.

While having nice breakfast, my neurono-plasmatic eyes slapped at someone's Matrix ID. Actually it's not someone, it's "some students". There's a lot of student wearing that kind of ID. Yeah of course there's something that pays my attention.

IT IS PURPLE! YEAH, PURPLE ID! Waaaaaa, it's so lawa la bhai!! Just now I'm dreaming of changing my normal card to that purple one. Huuuuu, I'm so admiring that purple ID. What course get that kinda card? I'm wondering...

So then my pal telling me that he just talking to one of the purple ID holder. They're actually trainee student that concentrating on Medical and Electrical. So to say, they weren't long here, like having a short course. So my mission to have that purple thing is flushed away. Sob sob, sadness aren't giving me any choice, so I just opted to stay calm. ( What on earth I'm saying! )

I didn't snap any pic of that sweet card.

I'm sooo disappointed.


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