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July 23, 2011


Hah! Dah siap! New OS on the line! Baru semalam siap installed the new one, by the help of my classpal. Great work!

Ofkos above pix was not mine, i cheelock it from uncle Google. But now, i'm on Win7. Yeah, you can boo me, since i was like '10-years-left-behind'. But now, i am no more!

And now, the process of downloading drivers of lappy is on the work. Masa untuk install macam-macam barang yang dibuang lepas format.

Drivers for touchpad, card reader, broadcom, notifiers, MS Office, and most essential is YouCam! Yeaw, im not that photogenic, but i do also have sense of self-shoot. Mwahahahahaaa!!!

What??!? Am i too weird??? You're even weirder!!
Mula-mula touchpad tak jalan, but then all settled. Next install YouCam, sampai ke pagi jugak tunggu install semua siap. But anyhow, it wont be disappointing at all. Dont berkira dengan Mr Lappy anda, sebab dia tidak berkira masa dan waktu dengan anda.
Bayangkan kalau Mr Lappy corrupt, macam-macam hal tergendala babe! Semua projek-projek besar nak buat guna khidmat beliau. So small time is nothing compared to what he had done for you.
Jagalah hati lappy anda.

So when all the basic drivers were installed, its now time to install additional so-called entertainment munchies! CS4, MPClassic, Real, and et al.

But remember! i have 1 advice for all you out there. Please, do not install any softwares that you use once per annum! Why? Coz it'l just wetten your lappy, i mean MELEMBAPKAN performance beliau.

Bayangkan sebuah laptop dengan kapasiti sederhana, membawa muatan berlebihan, tambah-tambah lagi apabila membawa barang yang digunakan sekali setahun, or even worse, once per lifetime ( not worse, but worst! ).

Do not over work your lappy
And while bz googling for pix, i found this 1 nice pix. It describes everything.

Ciao for now!

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Virgo's Violet said... Reply Comment

wee~ congrates 4 new windows!! :)

superinggoviolet said... Reply Comment

mahu perli kah?
aku baru update...org laen dh lama pakai lerr~

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